Friday, 16 January 2009

A little piece of Wales

Just before Christmas we finalised the purchase of a small field, a few miles from our house in Chepstow. The field is 3 acres, and located at Trellech Grange - about 15 minutes away, and 100 yards or so from the Fountain Inn!

So, why buy a field? Good question - and one that many have asked! One reason is investment, it just seems more fun than having money sitting in the bank, and should at the very least hold its value, if not grow over time.

The other reason is just that its somewhere to go to do projects and have fun - we've got a few ideas - like planting apple trees to make juice and cider, planting some trees to make a small woodland, digging a wildlife pond and of course its somewhere to go camping too! And as the kids get older, I'm sure we'll find more and more things to do with our own little piece of Wales!

1 comment:

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